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Passing the Full Motorcycle Licence allows you to get rid of the L plates, take a pillion passenger and ride on motorways. Which Licence you take depends on how old you are but we train pupils of all ages and abilities. 

If Carlsberg did motorbike instructors, it would be Andy Peck from Anglia Training Services! We passed the mod 1 and mod 2 within 6 days of excellent instruction from Andy. He’s patient, extremely thorough and a genuinely nice guy. His training location at a go kart track is extremely beneficial and a great learning environment. Highly recommended for anyone at any level. Thank you so much Andy, we’re still smiling!

If you already know what you want and understand the rules about taking your Full Motorcycle Licence, just go straight to the Contact Us page and fill in the form so that we can offer you the best course to suit you.

If you are unsure of the rules go to FULL BIKE TEST INFORMATION which tells you everything you need to know about taking your full test and which is the right category for you. Unless you know the rules it’s better to read this first.

To help understand how the courses work from Novices to Experienced riders just click on either of the links below for the right category for your age for more detail

FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE A1  for riders from the age of 17 and taken on a 125.

FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE A2 for riders from the age of 19 and taken on a 400.

FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE A2 to A PROGRESSIVE for riders who have held an A2 licence for 2 years and taking the progressive route to the full A licence and taken on a 600.

FULL MOTORCYCLE LICENCE A/DIRECT ACCESS for riders from the age of 24 and taken on a 600


For the A2 Licence we use either the Honda CB500F, Honda CB400 Super Four or we can restrict a Suzuki SV650. For the A Licence, we use either a Honda CBF 600 or a full power Suzuki SV650. We always aim to keep pupils on the same bike throughout training.

Taking the Full Motorcycle Licence with Anglia Training Services, really is “the road to your licence”