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Anglia Training Services have been training motorcyclists since the introduction of the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) in 1990. With nearly 30 years of experience, we offer a variety of courses, conducted in a friendly manner that makes your training feel more like a day out rather than a task 

The business was founded by Greg Page; one of Norfolk’s sporting heroes, he was British Production Champion in 1983 in both 600cc and 1300cc classes. 

Above you see Greg leading the pack in his racing days! This picture was taken at the original Russel Chicane at Snetterton in August 1982 and shows Greg ahead of Ron Haslam, Wayne Gardner, and Howard Selby.

Having raced bikes for many years Greg felt that the minimum size requirement for a CBT site, which is only 80 feet x 30 feet, was inadequate for pupils to gain the confidence needed before progressing onto the road. Let’s face it, you will probably struggle to get into 2nd gear! So, using the Go Kart Track was the ideal solution.


Compare the sites, Anglia Training Services or a car park!!

The picture above is taken from Google Earth and the light grey area is the part of the track which we normally use for CBT training, getting used to the bigger bikes before Mod 1 training and before going on the road for Mod 2 training.

Some schools only have an area similar in size to that shown in red and it can be surrounded by brick walls or fences. Not somewhere to inspire confidence when you are starting to learn.

Where do you think you, would feel the safest?

A DVSA consultation has recently suggested that during a CBT, more emphasis should be put into cornering. Cornering always has been a strong point in all our courses because it is so important and of course, we have the facility to train in a safe environment.

We have trained thousands of pupils in the requirements of safe riding techniques, from complete novices to some more famous pupils including Martin Brundle of the car world, former British 250 Champion Steve Sawford and Lewis Cornish one of the UK’s top Super Moto riders.

In June 2006, Anglia Training Services was taken over by Andy Peck. A keen motorcyclist all of his life and now with 46 years’ experience, he jumped at the chance to turn a lifelong passion for motorcycles into a business opportunity. Most of the training is undertaken by Andy and it is his personal and professional approach to training that keeps first time pass rates for Direct Access Courses at over 86%.

So, whatever your current level of experience, and your future riding targets we can help you progress to become a better, safer rider. There is a lot of information on this site because we wanted it to be informative and transparent about the way we train and what pupils should expect on training days After reading through it, if you would like to book some training, go to the Contact Page to book

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