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Taking the next step!

The A2 Licence must be taken on a bike of at least 395cc and between 25kW and 35kW and candidates must be at least 19 years of age. This could be the ideal category for a smaller lady who might feel intimidated by a 600cc bike.


Honda CB400 Super Four, silky smooth engine and low seat height make this the ideal bike for the A2 Licence. Pupils love these little bikes because they are so easy to ride.

To book an intensive A2 course, consider the options, before going to the contact page to book.

It depends on your experience how many sessions you will need but If you do want to take the A2 test and you have never ridden before you will need all 5 sessions. If you have ridden before and feel confident on a geared bike it will be 4 sessions, so you can skip the second session. If you already have a valid CBT and very confident on a 125, it will be 3 sessions, so start from the third session.

First session: – if you book an A2 intensive course the first session is your CBT. It depends on your previous experience whether you do the CBT as a novice or as an experienced rider. Look at the CBT pages to decide.

Second session: – If you have started the course as a novice your second session would be spent gaining confidence and increasing the skill level on a 125 that you have been taught on the CBT. It would develop slow riding skills, getting up to speed, cornering techniques, and lots of junction work.

By the end of this session you should be confident on a 125. If you are not, we might have to do another lesson on a 125 before moving to the next session.

Third session: – we start by getting used to a 400 on the track and then train for the mod 1 test to reach a good passable standard in the morning. Following a break, we ride to Kings Lynn and train for the mod 2 test around typical test routes where an examiner will take you.

Fourth session: – we do the final training for the mod 1 test at the track, including a mock test before travelling to Lynn to take the test.

Fifth session: – we ride to Lynn on the mod 2 test day and you would get at least 3 typical test runs around the town before taking the mod 2 test.

Two successful A2 test pupils proudly displaying their test certificates.

The full course for a novice is normally spread over 3 weeks and for experienced riders over 2 weeks. It can be condensed by taking both tests on the same day, but the risk is that if you fail the mod 1 you can’t take the mod 2 and you lose the test fee. I only recommend that option for experienced riders who struggle to get time off work.

After passing the A2 test you can ride a bike restricted to 35kW, so long as it hasn’t been restricted by more than half its original power and either 2 years after passing the A2 or when you get to 24 you can then do the A test (Direct Access)


The Progressive Route; After you pass the A2 Licence test you are limited to a bike of that size for ever unless you take the test again on an A category bike. Some pupils are more than happy with an A2 bike and especially if they feel a bit intimidated by the larger machines. If you want to take the test again and have been riding an A2 bike for 2 years, you shouldn’t find it difficult, but you will probably have fallen into some bad habits that will need tidying up before a test.

You have to do the mod 1 and the mod 2 tests again and most pupils do both tests in the same day, maybe coming along for a short lesson just to get used to one of our 600’s first. Then on the test day having a mod 1 session on the track before travelling to Kings Lynn for the mod 1 in the morning followed by a session around the town preparing for the mod 2 test in the afternoon.