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We offer Motorcycle lessons for all abilities, so whether you would like a Taster Lesson, to give it a try. Some Hourly Motorcycle lessons, to improve your riding. A Refresher Course if you have had a break from riding and want to get back into it. Or the Enhanced Rider Scheme to reach a more Advanced level. Everything is on this page.


If you are considering getting into motorcycling but can’t really make your mind up or feel especially nervous about doing a CBT, it would be worth booking a Taster Lesson.

This is especially useful if you want to do the CBT on a manual bike and have never ridden one before. Even more useful if you don’t have a car licence, so you have no road experience and especially if you can not ride a push bike. We want, you to enjoy your CBT and this is a good way of preparing for it.

Taster Lessons would last for one to two hours, agreed in advance and would give you a chance to give it a try if you are unsure.


If you can’t manage to book a full course you can book hourly Motorcycle lessons, but it is normally at least a two-hour lesson to make it worthwhile.

This could suit someone who has done a CBT as a Novice and passed but now struggling with parts of their riding. Rather than let it put you off riding your bike, coming along for a lesson can often put those little things right and lift your confidence again.

Booking a two-hour lesson on a 400 is a good idea if you want to move onto a bigger bike than a 125 but want to get the feel of a bigger bike first, before getting on a 600.


Sometimes people just want to come along and give it a go ?




If you are coming back to biking after a long break and want to regain your confidence, it’s a good idea to do a Refresher Course. We would start on the track to get you back into the saddle by covering all the basic skill work before completing a road ride.

Out on the road we would cover all types of riding so by completion you should be ready to go and pick that new bike up from the showroom. Considering the cost of the bike and all the equipment and of course your safety, this course is always money well spent.



If you have been riding for a while now, you have probably got into a few bad habits. So it might be worth considering doing the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Billed by the DVSA as a “Heath Check on your riding” it’s a combination of observation and instructing to tidy up those little faults and improve your riding.

Most insurance companies recognise the scheme and offer a discount on your insurance so especially if you are a young rider wanting to insure a sports bike it will probably pay for itself in the first year.

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