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Motorcycle Training in Norfolk

We have 30 Years’ experience, training pupils on the safest facility in Norfolk.

At Anglia Training Services, Motorcycle training in Swaffham, Norfolk, we have a passion for motorcycling and an even stronger passion to deliver training safely. Whereas most Motorcycle Training Schools in Norfolk are based in car parks or industrial spaces, schools and playing areas, Anglia Training Services, is different 

We are located at a permanent site in the centre of Norfolk, at North Pickenham, near Swaffham, with a large 625 metre circuit, boasting corners, straights and safe grass sidings (handy for those still a little sketchy on the controls). Unlike other Motorcycle Training Schools, you will have plenty of space from other riders and the opportunity to get the bike up to speed as and when you are ready. If you read through our testimonials, several pupils comment on the site as well as the instruction. We are proud of both. 

So, if you are looking to do your Compulsory Basic Training, CBT, Full Motorcycle Licence, A1 Licence, A2 Licence, A Licence, Direct Access, Mod 1 Test, Mod 2 Test, Motorcycle Lessons, Refresher Course or Enhanced Rider Scheme. Please have a look through the site and then go to the contact page to get in touch to discuss what you need.


The Coronavirus is impacting on us all at present, and at Anglia Training Services I have a duty of care to protect my pupils and myself. The Government are continually updating their advice, and information can be viewed at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ On the 21st of March, the DVSA informed training schools that they are suspending all motorcycle and car tests for up to 3 months. As a result, some courses have been put on hold and after the more recent announcement, all non-essential training will have to go on hold until it is deemed safe to continue. .


I have decided to continue with CBT’s at present, but only for Key Workers, or people whose CBT  is about to expire, and it is essential for their daily use. It is strictly for those 2 categories only, and I will need proof that you comply. The special terms below will be in addition to my normal terms and conditions that can be viewed on this site. 

Key workers need to provide proof, either with a letter from their employer that they are a Key worker, or if they work in the care sector they should have an i.d.card. I will require pupils to send a photo of their licences and i.d. cards where relevant, and a photo of the old CBT if it is about to expire. They can be sent by text or email but will need to be sent at the point of booking. Pupils will still need to bring their licence with them, but I won’t need to handle it.

You will need to provide your own gear, i.e. helmet, strong jacket, jeans or strong trousers (not jogging pants) gloves and boots that protect your ankles. Work boots or walking boots, lady’s leather boots are all acceptable but not trainers. You don’t just, need to protect yourself, from the virus. If you turn up in flimsy trousers and trainers, I will not do your CBT and you will lose the course fee. Any concerns give me a call. 07917863831

The cost of the CBT course for a first time CBT is £120 and a re-take CBT £110. I require the full amount paid in full at the point of booking and I will only take BACS payments. I am not accepting cash. The CBT will be on my bike if it is a first time CBT but can be on your bike if it is a re-take. Your bike will need to be taxed, insured, MOT’d, displaying 2 L plates, be in good mechanical order and clean.

 If you have booked a course and you develop symptoms or if you are self-isolating either as an individual or in a family group, you will not be able to attend the course. If that does happen you must notify me as soon as possible to rearrange your course.

You will not lose any payments paid in advance to secure your course if this does happen and likewise if I have to self-isolate or if I am instructed by the government that for a period, I can’t train, we will have to rearrange your course, but you will not lose any payments paid in advance. If, however you turn up for a course, and you are displaying symptoms of the virus, you will be asked to leave, and you will not be entitled to any refund.

If you think you have already had the virus, self-isolated and recovered. Please advise me how long it is since you started with the symptoms, so I can decide whether I think you are ready to do the CBT or not.

If you agree and can comply with the conditions above, and would like to book, please contact us for booking details.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT is where most pupils start, from a  complete novice CBT to an experienced rider wanting to do their A1, A2 or Direct Access.

Full Motorcycle Licence

We specialise in intensive courses, A1 licence from 17, A2 licence from 19, A licence or Direct Access from 24

Motorcycle Lessons

Taster Lessons or Hourly Motorcycle Lessons, Back to Biking, Refresher Course, Advanced or Enhanced Rider Scheme.

I have a passion for motorcycles and can’t imagine life without them and I love to share my experience with pupils to prepare them for a lifetime of motorcycling enjoyment.  

The track is ideal, not just for CBT training; throughout Full Motorcycle Licence, A1, A2 and A Licence Direct Access courses, we always introduce pupils to the bigger bikes on the track before going on the road to train for the Mod 2 test. 

It is excellent for Mod 1 Test training (especially the swerve manoeuvre) and our best run on Mod 1 Tests to date is 55 first time passes on the trot, which we’ve done twice. I think that speaks for itself. 

Quite simply there’s no safer place in Norfolk to train. When I took over the business, if it had been in a car park; I wouldn’t have taken it on.  

Anglia Training Services really is the safe “road to your licence”


Head Instructor

The track looking good, and great fun for go karts as well.


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It was thumbs up today for Richard, my first Key Worker to pass his CBT to keep providing a vital service to his community. Well done Richard, and keep up the good work👍 ... See MoreSee Less

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I am considering starting with CBT’s but only for Key Workers or people with a CBT about to expire where it is their only means of transport, so do contact me please if that includes you, so I can assess the demand. Any shares of this post would be appreciated, thanks.

If I do start it will be on these terms.
CBT's will be on a one to one basis and I will only do one a day. You will need to provide your own gear, Helmet, Strong Jacket, Jeans or strong trousers (not jogging pants) Gloves and Boots that protect your ankles. Work boots or Walking boots, Lady’s leather boots but not trainers. You don’t just have to protect yourself from the virus.
For first time CBT pupils the price will be £120, essential re-takes £110. The CBT can be taken on either automatic or geared bikes using our bikes but only geared if you have ridden confidently before. I will not book novices on geared bikes if I start again because they take longer, and I want to minimise exposure time. Payment will have to be in full prior to the course by BACS, I won’t accept anything else. I will do my utmost on the day to keep pupils safe, as I always do during training.
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I posted yesterday to say that I was still open for business but after the latest government announcement I have decided to close for the time being. I will seek advice from the DVSA tomorrow to see how I stand on providing CBT’s for people who need them to travel to work, which could include key workers. All other non essential training will resume when it’s considered safe. Take care everyone and keep in touch. If you have any questions feel free to post on here. Best regards, Andy. ... See MoreSee Less

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