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Motorcycle Training in Norfolk

We have 29 Years’ experience, training pupils on the safest facility in Norfolk.

At Anglia Training Services, Motorcycle training in Swaffham, Norfolk, we have a passion for motorcycling and an even stronger passion to deliver training safely. Whereas most Motorcycle Training Schools in Norfolk are based in car parks or industrial spaces, schools and playing areas, Anglia Training Services, is different 

We are located at a permanent site in the centre of Norfolk, at North Pickenham, near Swaffham, with a large 625 metre circuit, boasting corners, straights and safe grass sidings (handy for those still a little sketchy on the controls). Unlike other Motorcycle Training Schools, you will have plenty of space from other riders and the opportunity to get the bike up to speed as and when you are ready. If you read through our testimonials, several pupils comment on the site as well as the instruction. We are proud of both. 

So, if you are looking to do your Compulsory Basic Training, CBT, Full Motorcycle Licence, A1 Licence, A2 Licence, A Licence, Direct Access, Mod 1 Test, Mod 2 Test, Motorcycle Lessons, Refresher Course or Enhanced Rider Scheme. Please have a look through the site and then go to the contact page to get in touch to discuss what you need.


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT is where most pupils start, from a  complete novice CBT to an experienced rider wanting to do their A1, A2 or Direct Access.

Full Motorcycle Licence

We specialise in intensive courses, A1 licence from 17, A2 licence from 19, A licence or Direct Access from 24

Motorcycle Lessons

Taster Lessons or Hourly Motorcycle Lessons, Back to Biking, Refresher Course, Advanced or Enhanced Rider Scheme.

I have a passion for motorcycles and can’t imagine life without them and I love to share my experience with pupils to prepare them for a lifetime of motorcycling enjoyment.  

The track is ideal, not just for CBT training; throughout Full Motorcycle Licence, A1, A2 and A Licence Direct Access courses, we always introduce pupils to the bigger bikes on the track before going on the road to train for the Mod 2 test. 

It is excellent for Mod 1 Test training (especially the swerve manoeuvre) and our best run on Mod 1 Tests to date is 55 first time passes on the trot, which we’ve done twice. I think that speaks for itself. 

Quite simply there’s no safer place in Norfolk to train. When I took over the business, if it had been in a car park; I wouldn’t have taken it on.  

Anglia Training Services really is the safe “road to your licence”


Head Instructor

The track looking good, and great fun for go karts as well.


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What a lovely start to the day today with 2 taster lessons🏍 Mel first, only 16 and never ridden a geared bike before and after some time on the track to gain confidence did amazingly well👍Followed by Val (just a little bit older😊) and not been on a bike for 30 years, did just as well and the smile got bigger as her confidence grew. 😀well done both of you and I hope to see you back soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Amber got a complete surprise today when Janice dropped her off for her CBT. Well after quite a long break from riding a bike, she did really well👍Just like her Mum, happy flat out when given a chance😊just needs to work on the slow skills and I look forward to seeing you back for some big bike training 🏍💨 Well done👍 ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s been another good day for Mod 2 tests today, with Steve, (not pictured here) passing first this morning under the immense pressure of matching his wife, who passed last week😀👍Then a good ride from Dan who went next on the Honda and finally Liam on the restricted Suzuki who I think it’s fair to say passed with a bollocking from the examiner but his riding skill carried him through 👍Well done everyone, enjoy your bikes and keep it safe. 🏍💨 ... See MoreSee Less

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