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Terms & Conditions

Anglia Training Services Terms and Conditions

I would appeal to all pupils to contact me as early as possible and no later than 72 hours before your course date, if you are unwell for any reason. Especially if it is an illness that can be passed to me and other pupils. We can decide whether you are fit to attend training and if necessary, rearrange your course dates. If we have to rearrange your course it will be subject to the normal cancelation admin fee (see below under cancellations). If you decide to cancel your course, rather than rearrange, you will lose the whole fee.

If you leave it later than 72 hours and you are unable to undertake your training due to illness. We will rearrange your course (less the admin fee)  provided that a doctor’s medical certificate is produced covering the training dates. If you can’t provide a doctors certificate you will lose the whole fee. If you decide to cancel your course, rather than rearrange, you will lose the whole fee.

For hygiene reasons, you will need to provide your own gear, i.e. helmet, strong jacket, jeans or strong trousers (not jogging pants) gloves and boots that protect your ankles. Work boots or walking boots, lady’s leather boots are all acceptable but not trainers. Some light waterproof trousers would be handy to pull over your jeans if we are due inclement weather.  If you turn up in flimsy trousers and trainers, I will not train you and you will lose the course fee. Any concerns give me a call. 07917863831



A deposit is required at booking to secure your place. If you do not pay within 48 hours of receiving booking details your course will be released to another pupil unless you have requested, and it has been agreed, that you can have an extension to the 48 hours. The balance of the course price must be paid, no later than 2 calendar weeks before the course start date.

Method of payment: The easiest way to pay is by BACS, but I will consider PayPal on request..


Deposits are refundable providing at least 2 calendar weeks notice is given but will be subject to an administration fee of £50 for all training under the value of £200 and £100 for courses above that value. Balance payments for all courses must be paid in full, no later than 2 calendar weeks before the course starts unless otherwise agreed.

When you commit to a course you will be given a course schedule. After starting a course if a Pupil decides to drop out of a course or fails to attend on designated days, no refund will be given for lost training days or test fees. If failing to attend a lesson impacts on the course, you will lose the rest of the training and the whole course fee.

Motorcycle Hire/Insurance:

All Anglia Training Services motorcycles are covered by full insurance, which is included in the course fee. We do not believe that pupils should be faced with an excess on the policy, so there is no additional charge for insurance. (unlike many schools) However if any malicious damage is caused to either the bikes or any Anglia Training Services property, the cost of repairs will be billed to the pupil concerned.

Use of own Motorcycle / scooter / moped:

Should you use your own vehicle for training; the vehicle must be roadworthy and meet all requirements of the road traffic act in effect at the time of training. All vehicles must display ‘L’ plate’s front and rear and all controls should operate correctly. You will be required to show proof of valid insurance, tax, and MOT if the vehicle is more than 3 years old.
Moped riders (not exceeding 50cc) should ensure the vehicle is not de-restricted unless the rider is at least 17 years of age.

Driving Licence:

When you register for training you must bring your UK photocard licence with you and please check that the date for the photograph at 4b on the front of your licence has not expired.  If you have an old style licence you will need to bring your Passport for i.d. NB No documents, no training, and loss of fee!!
It is your responsibility to ensure your licence entitles you to ride the vehicle to be used in training, moped (Group AM or group ‘E’ on licences pre-1990) Motorcycles/Scooters (Group ‘A’ or group ‘D’ on licences pre-1990) Some licences issued in the mid 1990’s do not have motorcycle entitlements so you may have to re-apply for a new licence.

Eyesight: You must be able to read a vehicle number plate from 20.5 meters (67 feet). If necessary aided by the use of glasses/contact lenses, which must be worn throughout training. Anglia Training Services take no responsibility if this standard is not met and training fees will be lost.

Alcohol & Drugs: Should any Anglia Training Services Instructor suspect that you are unfit to undertake training due to alcohol or drugs training will cease immediately, course fees will still need to be paid and are not refundable.

Adverse weather conditions:

There may be occasions when training / test cannot proceed due to adverse weather conditions; the training will be re-scheduled.

D.S.A. Cancelled tests:

If a test is cancelled by the D.V.S.A. due to bad weather or other reasons the test will be re scheduled or the test fee will be refunded but you may be required to pay for additional training time.

General conditions:

Non-attendance – you will be invoiced in full for both training and test fees
Invalid licence, if training cannot be undertaken, then fees are still payable in full.
Eye sight test, should you fail the eyesight test then the training fee is still payable in full. If you wear contact lenses or glasses, please bring them on your training course.

That’s all the legal stuff out of the way, we offer training to the highest standard and will do all we can should you have any problems.
If you have any questions regarding the above terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us on, 01760 440640 or 07917863831.

Anglia Training Services reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Anglia Training Services - CBT & Motorcycle Training in Norfolk