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All courses are tailored to the individual, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced rider.

N.B. before taking your full practical test you must pass your Motorcycle Theory Test which can be booked on line at www.gov.uk There is no need to do this for a CBT.

All prices include the use of our bikes, petrol, insurance and test fees, so there are no hidden extras, the price you see is the price you pay. Anglia Training Services do reserve the right to alter prices without notice. Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS for more detail.

N.B. Since the Covid-19 outbreak we can not loan out motorcycle equipment, so you will need to provide your own gear, i.e. helmet, strong jacket, jeans or strong trousers (not jogging pants) gloves and boots that protect your ankles. Work boots or walking boots, lady’s leather boots are all acceptable but not trainers. Some light waterproof trousers would be handy to pull over your jeans if we are due inclement weather.  If you turn up in flimsy trousers and trainers, I will not train you and you will lose the course fee. Any concerns give me a call. 07917863831



Bank Transfer or by request, PayPal. 


CBT NOVICE MANUAL £185. A CBT for a novice on a geared bike takes longer and I limit it to 2 pupils. So we spend much more time on the track, hence the extra cost. If you feel particularly nervous about doing it you should consider a taster lesson first. It would be better to call first and discuss before booking and especially if you can’t confidently ride a pushbike. In some cases, I will insist on you doing a taster lesson first, and if you are 5’2″ or less, you will need to call in at the site before booking to make sure you are tall enough for the bikes.


FIRST TIME CBT £145, RE-TAKE £135. To qualify for a re-take you will need to send a picture of your previous CBT which should be still valid, so book in advance.

Most Pupils complete a CBT in one day and if you have ridden before that should certainly be the case. However if a Pupil fails to reach a safe standard during a CBT course they will need to return for further training. It will depend on how much more training, as to how much this costs. It could be just another road ride or more time on the track before a road ride.

The better you prepare for a CBT the less likely this is to happen, so consider a Taster Lesson if you have never ridden before. This is especially important if you cannot ride a pushbike whether you want to do the CBT on a manual bike or an automatic.



A1 LICENCE (125cc)

Complete Novice Course
5 Sessions £960

Confident on a Geared bike and need a CBT
4 Sessions £780

Already have a CBT and confident on a geared bike.*
3 Sessions £680 (sometimes 4 sessions £720)

A2 LICENCE (400cc) 

Complete Novice Course
6 sessions £1050

Confident on a Geared bike and need a CBT
4 Sessions £780

Already have a CBT and confident on a geared bike.*
3 Sessions £680 (sometimes 4 sessions £720)

A2 TO A LICENCE (600 cc progressive route)

You will need to call and have a chat about this, because it will depend on how much you have ridden since passing the A2 but as a guide, between  £400 and £500.

A LICENCE (600cc Direct Access Course)

Complete Novice Course
6 session course £1080

Confident on a Geared bike and need a CBT
4 Sessions £780

Already have a CBT and confident on a geared bike.*
3 Sessions £680 (sometimes 4 sessions £720)**


If you want to do the A licence and looking to book the 4 session course or already have a CBT and feel confident on a geared bike but never been on anything bigger than a 125 you would benefit from an extra 3 hour lesson to get used to the bigger bikes before starting the final 3 sessions. It will cost an extra £120 but it will cover the slow riding skills that a lot off pupils struggle with especially the dreaded U-turn and get you better prepared. If you have booked a 4 session course and I have any concerns about you moving on to a 600 during your CBT, I might have to insist that you do it.

*N.B. The 3 session course on all categories, is aimed at pupils who have passed a CBT and gained riding experience on a 125 and have good road experience on geared bikes. If you have only done a CBT on a 125 but not ridden since, and especially if the CBT has been with another training school; and done as a novice, I would need you to book a lesson on a 125 first to be sure that you are ready for the course. That could still be followed by an extra 3-hour lesson on a 600, to get you ready for the final part of the course, if I think you need it.

** the 3-session course during the winter months and often throughout August becomes a 4-session course by splitting the first session into 2. It makes it less tiring, when having to deal with either extreme heat or cold weather but it does add £40 to the course fee.

Based on our experience the Intensive courses provide sufficient time to enjoy your training and pass your tests, in the majority of cases first time. Our first time pass rate is around 86%. Be honest about your previous experience when you book to be offered the best course to suit you.

If a pupil is struggling during a course, we would have to include extra training which would be charged at £40/per hour.


If you are considering getting into motorcycling but can’t really make your mind up or feel especially nervous about doing a CBT, it would be worth booking a Taster Lesson. This is especially important if you can’t confidently ride a push bike.

A Taster Lesson would last for one to two hours, agreed in advance and is charged at the hourly rate of £40 per/hour. One hour is often enough on an automatic bike but we need 2 hours on a manual bike to give you enough time.

HOURLY LESSONS  £40 per/hour, track or road based.

If you are booked in for a course and need extra training hourly lessons cost £40 per/hour. If you prefer just to book hourly lessons to do your training, the same cost applies.


Passed your test a few years ago but feel a bit rusty and in need of a confidence boost. The track is ideal to get you back in the saddle.

Normally lasts for 3 hours £120


Once you have passed your test and gained some experience, come back and be assessed and you could qualify for the Enhanced Rider Scheme, which will gain you discounts on your insurance.

Initial assessment and ride out normally lasts for 2 hours £120