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If you are experienced on a manual bike and you can already ride confidently using clutch and gears, this is the course for you. If you have only spent 5 minutes in a field on a geared bike and still haven’t developed good clutch control, this is not the course for you, you should be booking in as a NOVICE MANUAL.

If you have had limited experience on a manual bike but not quite sure how you will get on, please give me a call so I can advise you which would be the best option. I might be able to offer you a quick assessment on a geared bike to be sure you are booking on the right course.

If you are experienced on an automatic moped and especially if you are booking to re-take your CBT you can book on a day that includes experienced riders on geared bikes.

If you are a novice and want to do the CBT on an automatic moped, but you can confidently ride a push bike, you should be ok to book on this course as well. If however you are particularly nervous about the course and especially if you can not ride a push bike, please tell me before you book. Generally speaking if you struggle with a push bike you will find a moped more difficult until you gain confidence with your balance and that could take some time.

It could be worth booking a TASTER LESSON to prepare you for your CBT, ask for advice when you book. A Taster Lesson would last for one to two hours, agreed in advance and would give you a chance to give things a try if you are unsure

If you are ready to book go to the Contact Page  and fill in the form so that we can offer you the best course to suit you.

If you would like to know more the following is what you should expect on a CBT day.



If you book in for an Automatic Moped you will be doing the CBT on a Twist and Go Moped, or a CG 125 if you have booked in for an Experienced Manual.

After signing in with your licence details and doing an eyesight test, we cover Element A in the classroom, before going onto the track for Elements B & C. Element C covers all the basic riding skills that you need to ride a bike safely.

With plenty of space on the track, we can cover everything, from the basic moving off and stopping to riding round the track at a similar speed to riding round a small housing estate road. It covers cornering, slow riding, emergency stops, U-turns, Junction work and figure of eights to get you ready for the road ride.

We have a break before covering the safety talks (element D) which cover the theory side of riding to finally prepare you for your road ride. During the road ride, you will be in radio contact with me all the time and you will be used to the radios because I use radios on the site, as well as on the road.

The Road Ride.

The road ride will be a minimum of 2 hours and I go in front to start with to lead the way. With experienced riders, I will soon get you up to speed but for pupils with little or no previous experience we start off slowly. We gradually build speed up throughout the ride as you gain your confidence. We are based in the countryside, so you are not going straight into town traffic, so you have time to get used to being on the road before getting to the town.

Throughout the ride, sometimes I will be in front then I put the pupil in front, so it is a combination of me showing you what to do and you demonstrating to me that the basic skills that we have covered on the track, you can now put into practice on the road.

You are bound to make mistakes because everybody does, but the whole idea of the ride is to explain where you are getting things wrong. Show you, by demonstrating in front or stopping to talk through things again so we reach a level that would allow you to ride unaccompanied on your own bike.

On return to the site during the de-briefing I will cover any areas that I consider you need to continue to practise to develop your Basic Skills and after successfully completing your CBT you are awarded with you DL196 which is your CBT certificate. ? ?


Well done, you can now ride your Automatic Moped or Motorcycle wherever you like unaccompanied apart from on motorways for 2 years and if you have been bitten by the motorcycling bug, we hope to see you back again for further training.

Safety is paramount;

not all pupils complete a CBT at the first attempt. If I consider that a pupil is not ready for the road ride after training on the track and especially if they have not been able to complete all the requirements for Element C. They will not be able to complete the road ride and I will have to ask them to return for further training.

If during the road ride a pupil fails to reach a level where I feel that they would be safe to ride unaccompanied on completion. I would have to ask them to return for further training. It is an instructor’s job to train you safely and I have a legal and moral obligation to conduct CBT’s within the DVSA guidelines.

If either of the above examples does happen it will be down to my experience to decide whether you will need to do part or all the CBT again and how much it will cost, and I will discuss everything with you at the time.

CBT Automatic Moped or Manual Geared Bike, at Anglia Training Services, it’s the road to your licence.